Business A Permitted uses include

  • Retail store, including department store, variety store, furniture store, specialty shop, or any other retail store,  Hotel or motel.

  • Business or professional office building.

  •  Club, lodge or business serving alcohol for consumption on the premises.

  • Restaurants.

  • Indoor storage in conjunction with a retail store or permitted use, provided the area devoted to storage shall not constitute more than forty (40) percent of the gross floor area of the retail store.  

  • Business, dance or similar schools, not to include trade schools which have training operations that create objectionable noise levels at the property line.

  • Bank or similar financial institution.

  • Accessory uses on the same lot with the customarily incidental to any of the above permitted uses.

  • Wholesale in conjunction with and accessory to a permitted retail use provided that the area devoted to the retail use is no less than sixty (60) percent of the gross floor area.

  • Dry Cleaning Establishments.

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